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How to Display a Flag Bunting

Feb 21st 2022

Patriotic flag buntings can be a beautiful addition to any house for special occasions where you want to display your American pride, giving your home a unique burst of red, white and blue. With the addition of stars and stripes, the elaborate flag style bunting may seem intimidating to recreate for your home, but anybody can fully enjoy the beauty of displaying flag buntings with ease. Patriotic flag buntings can be displayed for any occasion and time of year, making them an easy way to showcase your American spirit proudly.

What Is a Bunting Flag?

A “bunt” referred to sailors who oversaw the raising and lowering of flags which was the main communication aboard a ship. Bunting was the lightweight material from which these flags were made, allowing them to catch the sea breeze while withstanding the harsh environment while the ship was out to sea.

In today’s terms, bunting is a fabric generally used to make decorative pleated fans and banners hang inside or outside your home. You can hang bunting flags from many different surfaces. They often have a combination of stars and stripes amidst their red, white and blue colors for an authentic American flag appearance.

Bunting flags can be made from a variety of materials, including fabric, plastic and even cardboard. Typically, they are made from a lightweight and durable fabric that allows them to hold up throughout various weather conditions. When considering a bunting flag, choose a material that will resist fading from the sun and other outside conditions. Bunting flags are an easy way to boast about your American freedom and add a festive decoration to your home.

When Should You Display A Patriotic Bunting Flag?

Because patriotic bunting flags are not considered authentic American flags, flag rules and laws surrounding when and how they are displayed do not apply. You can display bunting flags year-round and throughout the night without lighting. You won’t need to remember to take down your bunting flags or invest in expensive lighting — show your patriotism whenever you like! It is important to remain respectful of the American flag's symbolism, even with alternative flags like patriotic buntings. Below are some typical times where patriotic bunting flags are displayed.

American Holidays

Bunting flags can show off your patriotic spirit during major American holidays like Memorial Day and Independence Day. Hanging bunting flags around your home or property adds a festive decoration to celebrate American freedoms. They are a perfect addition for patriotic home decor as well as decorating for parties, parades and celebrations.

You can also display them for other American holidays like Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Labor Day. Using bunting flags shows your American spirit while celebrating our country and the people who live, work and serve here. Any American celebration is a wonderful time to display your patriotic bunting flags.

Honoring Troops

Another great time to display patriotic bunting flags is when honoring troops. Showcase a beloved service member or welcome troops home by hanging bunting flags. Veteran’s Day is another great time to honor those who fought for our country with a bunting flag display.

Whether a welcoming home celebration, a formal event in dedication to a service member or a specific holiday like Veteran’s Day, American bunting flags are a great way to show your appreciation to the people who risk their lives for our freedom.

Elections and Political Events

What better way to show your American pride than when practicing one of our greatest freedoms? Bunting flags are a great way to celebrate and showcase the spirit of America during elections and political events. They are the perfect piece to hang for celebrations during elections or campaigns. Proudly display them for any political event, no matter how formal or casual.

Where to Display a Patriotic Bunting

Because of their versatility, patriotic bunting flags can be displayed almost anywhere. Use them to decorate inside or outside your home without damage and alongside other patriotic decorations. Because the bunting represents the American flag, it is important to display it with respect. Avoid putting bunting on the ground or next to offensive materials to uphold the integrity of the flag. Some common places to display patriotic bunting flags include:


One of the most common places to hang a bunting flag is outside under windows. Bunting flags can be customized to fit your window dimensions, making them look seamless on your home's exterior. Flag bunting already made into a pleated fan also comes in a variety of standard sizes for windows, making it easy to select the one that will work best for your house. You can also get multiple sizes to fit different window sizes throughout your home.


Another common place to add flag buntings is along the porch roofline or railing of your house. Hang multiple in a row to create a banner-like appearance or use just one as a statement piece. Beautiful buntings along your roof or railing add a festive, patriotic feeling as people visit and pass your home.

Inside Your Home

Patriotic flag buntings aren't just for the outside. Bring the festive spirit inside by displaying buntings from a mantel or down a staircase. You can even display them under interior windows. If you don’t have access to a ladder or want an easier way to display your patriotic flag bunting, hanging them inside is the perfect option for you.

Telephone Poles and Parade Floats

If participating in a patriotic event, like a celebration, ceremony or parade, flag buntings can be hung from telephone poles and parade floats for a durable and attractive decor piece. Choose bunting resistant to UV fading and color bleeding to keep them looking nice outside.

Get Patriotic Flags at Independence Bunting

Patriotic flag buntings are a great option when you want to express your American pride. Whether inside or outside, casual or formal, at your home or for an event, American patriotic flag buntings are an easy, durable and affordable way to display the American colors. At Independence Bunting, our patriotic flag buntings are proudly made in the USA with materials resistant to UV fading and color bleeding.

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