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Christmas Bunting Fabric

This Christmas, there's no need to stick with the same decorations you use every year. Step up your holiday decorating game with the addition of Christmas bunting fabric from Independence Bunting. 

We have a variety of styles and sizes to brighten up any space with some holiday cheer. Choose from three or five alternating stripes of traditional red and green.

Why Purchase From Independence Bunting?

At Independence Bunting, we specialize in creating the indoor and outdoor decorations you need to celebrate holidays and events year-round. We use materials sturdier than the industry standard, and all of our products are American-made for quality you can count on. 

For indoor decorations, we recommend our cotton-blend products. When you're decorating the exterior of your home or business, consider our SolarMax nylon fabrics that are resistant to UV fading and color bleeding. Better yet, grab some of both to create a cohesive look indoors and outside!

How to Decorate for Christmas With Christmas Bunting Fabric

With this beautiful Christmas bunting fabric, the decorating possibilities are practically endless. Cut it up to create small accents around the house or keep it in one piece to wrap around railings and columns along with lights. Here are some of our favorite places to utilize this holiday fabric:


  • Staircases: Wrap your bunting around the rails or the columns to spread Christmas cheer up and down.
  • Fireplaces: When you're roasting chestnuts or enjoying a snowy evening by the fire, you'll love looking up and seeing festive colors on your mantelpiece.
  • Porches and fences: When everything is white and quiet outside, Christmas bunting fabric strung along your porch or woven through your fence will stand out to everyone who passes by.
  • Your Christmas tree: Whether your tree is indoors or outside, natural or artificial, this Christmas bunting fabric will look fantastic along with a string of lights, popcorn and your favorite ornaments.


Get Christmas Cheer From Independence Bunting

For the most festive holiday season, be sure to pick up some Christmas-themed bunting, flags and pleated fans from Independence Bunting. We also have similar products for all your favorite holidays, like Halloween, St. Patrick's Day and the Fourth of July.  We'll even make you custom bunting if you can't find the one you want! We offer free shipping on orders over $95, so stock up on the decor you need to celebrate all year.

Shop our wide selection today and contact us online or call us at 800-995-9129 if you have any questions before you order.