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Christmas Decorations

The right holiday decor can make all the difference in the atmosphere of your home or storefront during the holiday season. Whether you need Christmas decor for a cozy indoor display or a festive and eye-catching outdoor display, you can greet guests and spread holiday cheer with Christmas bunting decorations from Independence Bunting!

We stock a wide selection of indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations to suit your needs. Check out some of our favorite Christmas bunting ideas below!

Pleated Fans

Green and red pleated fans instantly transform and warm up your porch, fence, benches or other gathering areas for more inviting, festive spaces that make brilliant holiday photo backgrounds and add excitement to your holiday party decor. Use our sturdy, quality-made cotton pleated fans indoors and our SolarMax nylon fabric pleated fans outdoors.

Christmas Bows

Bows add a perfect touch of elegance and beauty to any event space or item. The long pull ties make adding them to any item effortless, from Christmas trees and wreaths to mailboxes and lampposts. Add our versatile, vibrant bows to:

  • - Porches.
  • - Garlands.
  • - Flower bouquets.
  • - Gift baskets.
  • - Church pews.
  • - Aisle walkways.
  • - Chair backs.

Christmas Pull-Down Banners

Pull-down banners are a convenient way to welcome visitors into your home or event in style. Hang these banners from columns, windows and walls, or bunch them up and drape them artfully across porch railings and banisters. You can even pin a bunting banner or two to the ceiling to make the space feel more intimate and colorful. 

Christmas Bunting Fabric 

Bunting fabric is wonderful for decorating indoor and outdoor spaces for the holidays. Our stunning Christmas bunting fabric livens up porch railings, fences, staircases, mantels, window sills, fireplaces and more. Delight guests and add ambiance by winding bunting with glimmering lights, tinsel or garlands.

Why Purchase Christmas Bunting From Independence Bunting?

Our high-quality products, competitive prices and exceptional service consistently set us apart. Learn more: 

  • - Weather-resistant materials: Because of our products' weather- and UV-resistant material, prolonged exposure to the elements won't affect their vibrancy or longevity. So whether you need indoor or outdoor banners and decor, our Christmas bunting fabric and flags will keep looking festive year after year.
  • - Made in the USA: Our Christmas decorations are handcrafted in the United States to guarantee the American-made quality you expect.
  • - Competitive prices: We outdo our competitors by offering the most competitive prices on the best-quality Christmas bunting decorations on the market! 
  • - Excellent customer service: When you connect with Independence Bunting, you'll speak with a live professional for a smooth, hassle-free customer experience. 

Order Your Independence Bunting Christmas Decorations Today!

Are you ready to spread holiday cheer by enhancing your party, home or business with our beautiful Christmas party decorations? Our durable, fade-resistant pleated fans, bows, pull-down banners and bunting fabric pair well with and elevate any space imaginable. Browse our selection of decorations and order yours today!

Hosting a themed event or don't see the colors you need? We can create the perfect banner or other custom decorations for special events, holidays or birthdays. Call us today at 1-800-995-9129 to speak with one of our helpful team members!