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St. Patrick's Day Pull Downs


Irish Decorations


Decorating for St. Patrick’s Day can be easy when you purchase the right durable materials. Unlike many holidays that require a parade of decorations, St. Patrick’s Day Irish decorations can easily be assembled quickly by displaying the traditional and iconic green and orange color set with a St. Patrick’s Day banner or flag. By utilizing these durable pieces year after year, you will create many lasting St. Patrick’s Day memories, and save a bundle by not having to buy easily torn or crumpled paper displays year after year.


Pull-down St. Patrick’s Day banners are a unique way to decorate for this fun holiday. Made especially for short-term outdoor use and unlimited indoor use, these long banners allow you to display the Irish colors with pride. Coming in four different color schemes, pull-downs make it easy to find a St Patrick’s Day banner that will fit your color scheme. With varying combinations of green, orange and white, the colors on the St Patrick’s Day flag will not only help you celebrate, but foster pride in your Irish heritage as well. These colors are used traditionally in Ireland, as they all have a strong tie to Irish history—green for the native people and orange for the British loyalists. Most significantly, white in combination with these two colors serves to promote peace between the two groups, which have historically been at odds.


All of our pull-down banners are 18” wide and hang down 8 feet. They are perfect for hanging at events in entryways, behind displays, on walls, or even on stages if need be.