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Mourning Funeral Flag Bunting

Memorial decoration colors hold symbolic meanings. Purple represents the safety of a community with service member protection, and black symbolizes mourning for an officer or firefighter that passed away. A black strip is often attached to a uniform logo or service badge when mourning. This public display shows that the wearer has lost a loved team member in their organization.

Co-workers and loved ones decorate their homes, buildings and town when mourning. They use funeral bunting flags, bows, pull-downs, banners and more.  A fire department or police logo sometimes appears in the center section of the decorations. 

How to Decorate With Mourning Pleated Fans

A funeral pleated fan celebrates the life of a lost service member. The decoration looks good anywhere. You can decorate with pleated fans in a variety of ways, including:

  • - Tying them on fences.
  • - Decorating a porch.
  • - Lining funeral or church pews.
  • - Placing them on a podium.
  • - Draping them on a table.
  • - Hanging them on stair railings.
  • - Pinning them close to the ceiling.
  • - Putting them on windows.

Why Choose Independence Bunting?

There are many symbolic ways to show your respect for service heroes. Independence Bunting decorations serve as the best choice for many reasons: 

  • - High-quality materials: We use sturdy, heavy fabrics to ensure the quality of our decorations. 
  • - Weather-resistant materials: Our black and purple designs stay vibrant longer in outdoor exposure due to weather- and UV-resistant material.
  • - Made in the USA: Our products are handcrafted in the United States. 
  • - Competitive prices: We provide high-quality decorations at competitive prices to suit your budget.

Order Your Memorial Decorations Today 

Show your appreciation for officers and firefighters with Independence Bunting. Select your mourning bunting fan color, size and quantities for your order. 

Browse our mourning decoration collection today. We offer purple and black bows, funeral bunting and pull-downs.