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Bunting and Flag Care

Care for Your Patriotic Decor - Handle Your Decor With Pride

When holidays are over and the celebrations have been committed to memory, it might be time to care for your patriotic decorations.

Here are pointers for storing nylon and poly/cotton blend pleated full fans, pulldowns and bunting.

Inspect your decor item and shake or brush off any insects, cobwebs or dirt.


  • - Spot clean small stains. A Tide Pen or similar item works great – just be sure follow instructions closely.
  • - Dry cleaning is not recommended.
  • - Large soiled areas can be cleaned by fully submerging the fabric in a plastic bucket or tub filled with a soak solution up to 30 minutes, (follow your detergent guidelines, adding the recommended amount of laundry detergent per gallon of COLD water). Steer clear of detergents that contain bleach. Drain the solution and fully rinse the item 2-3 times in cold water until water runs clear. Immediately HANG the item to fully air-dry. DO NOT PLACE IN DRYER.
  • - Restoring pleats to full fans can be done now or before hanging next year with a hand iron set to the lowest setting that allows steam, taking care not to scorch the fabric.