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Pleated Fans

When showing off your spirit, support or heritage matters, you can always find the right outdoor pleated fans for sale at Independence Bunting.

Our wide array of beautiful, full fans features tons of colors and patterns. Plus, every pleated fan we sell is constructed in the USA using high-quality fabrics that resist fading under outside conditions. Decorate your home, office or other space with a full fan flag today.

Why Choose a Pleated Fan?

You've probably seen pleated fans on your community's residences, businesses and other structures. But have you ever wondered where the idea for indoor and outdoor pleated fans started?

In America, pleated fans, flags and bunting have been a mainstay for generations. Often associated with patriotism or politics, pleated fans have begun to take on new uses. Today, pleated fans offer a fun, eye-catching day to celebrate anything from the Fourth of July and Christmas to awareness months and personal special occasions.

Where Can You Display a Pleated Fan?

You don't have to be a professional designer to realize that outdoor pleated fans can hang from almost any surface. 

Many homeowners like to show off their full fan flags from their windowsills, rooftops and porch railings. You can also decorate a barn or shed with a pleated fan or add one to a table at a local festival. Use your imagination! Each gorgeous, durable pleated fan for sale at our store has a multitude of potential uses.

What Types of American-Made Fans Are Available?

At Independence Bunting, we want you to have tons of outdoor pleated fan choices. Below are just some of the options you'll find:


  • Patriotic pleated fans: Show off your patriotism in true style. A full fan flag looks great on its own or alongside a more traditional flag.
  • Celebration and support fans: Want to display an outdoor pleated fan during Pride Month? Need a full fan flag to highlight breast cancer awareness? We have an abundance of unique, stylish outdoor pleated fans you won't find anywhere else.
  • Holiday fans: From Christmas to Halloween and many holidays in between, our full fan flags will help you get in the spirit of any season.


Whatever full fan flag you choose, you can order with confidence from our company. And if you contact us with any questions, you'll always get a response from a real person.

Let our team of experts help you add dazzle and delight to any outdoor space with vibrant, affordable outdoor pleated fans!