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4th of July Decorations

Show Your Colors with our Beautiful Pleated Fans, Bunting, Bows and Pull Down Banners

Memorial Day and the Fourth of July Holidays will be here shortly. Why not make this year's Fourth of July really special with our Patriotic Decor? Our beautiful red, white and blue bunting and patriotic pleated fans are crafted with care and pride. We use only the finest materials, and our products are sewn, not printed. We take great pride in our flag – and we think showing that pride is a good thing. At Independence Bunting, we love using traditional decorations to display that patriotic spirit -- American Flags, Bunting and our unique USA Flag Bunting. With these July Fourth Decorations, your house will be the star in the neighborhood.


Shop Our Collection of Independence Day Bunting Decorations

At Independence Bunting, we make it easy for you to display your patriotism. Shop our festive collection of bunting decorations, which includes:

Patriotic Pleated Fans

Transform your porch with traditional patriotic pleated fans. These red, white and blue American Patriotic Flag Bunting will make any porch stand out. We have red, white and blue striped bunting and options with a field of white stars on a blue background.

Whether you want to add pleated fans around the railing or use it to frame your front door, you can easily find the right style and size.

Patriotic Bunting Fabric

Planning a parade? Be sure to stock up on patriotic bunting fabric. With this fun red, white and blue bunting, you can decorate the floats with ease and create a cohesive theme that will turn heads.

Patriotic Bows

Add a festive touch to light posts, mailboxes and railings with patriotic bows. These red, white and blue bows come in different designs, making it easy to express yourself and add some American-inspired style to your home or business.

Patriotic Pull Down Banners

Show your American spirit with patriotic pull down banners. Whether you choose one with stars or only stripes of red, white and blue, you'll find that there's no easier way to make a statement and decorate your yard for the summer.


Ways to Decorate With Patriotic Bunting Decor

Our patriotic buntingpleated fans flags pull down banners and red, white and blue ribbon bows are ideal for decorating homes, offices or businesses. When you boldly display patriotic decorations, you have a leg up on your competition. Imagine your business decorated with sophisticated, elegant patriotic bunting. It certainly beats decorating with a few streamers or flags! When it comes to decorating a large space, such as a business, town center or trade show, a consistent and cohesive approach is required. With our products, you can create a seamless decorating theme with patriotic pleated fans, banners, bows, flags, bunting and pull downs. All work together to create the “wow” factor for your event.

Our American flag bunting can be used indoors or outdoors. Our bunting, flags, fans and banners are available in cotton, which can be used for hanging indoors and outdoor exposure, or our sturdy nylon fabric, which is ideal for regular outdoor use. This nylon fabric is resistant to UV fading, so it will stay vibrant even with repeated outdoor exposure.


Why Purchase From Independence Bunting?

When you purchase any of our Fourth of July patriotic bunting, bows or banners, you receive products made right here in the United States. Everything we make and sell is designed using the highest quality materials to keep it from fading and running. Because our fabrics are UV-protected and weather-resistant, you can feel confident knowing it will stay looking vibrant longer, even if you display your bunting outdoors year-round.

With our competitive prices, decorating your home or business for the holidays has never been more budget-friendly.


Order Your Fourth of July Bunting Decorations Today

When you're ready to start decorating, you can find exactly what you need here at Independence Bunting. Whether you choose pleated fans, bunting fabrics, patriotic bows or pull down banners, you can count on our team to go the extra mile to ensure you're completely satisfied.

Have any questions? We are here for you. Call us at 800-995-9129, or fill out our online contact form, and we'll get back to you.