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Outdoor Patriotic Decorative Bows

Need some Fourth of July decorations, or something to help you commemorate Veteran's Day? Whether a patriotic holiday is coming up or you're looking to decorate your home or business with stars and stripes year-round, Independence Bunting can help. We have a selection of decorative outdoor patriotic bows you can use to share your American pride with the world. 

With three combinations of patriotic stars and stripe patterns to choose from in two different sizes and two loop patterns, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Why Purchase From Independence Bunting?

If you're looking to add to your patriotic display, you probably already know how important it is to support American-owned businesses. Here at Independence Bunting, we make all of our products right here in the United States.

To provide durability and a more authentic feel, our patriotic bows are stitched instead of printed. The fabric is weather-resistant and stays bright against prolonged UV ray exposure, so you can hang your bows inside or outdoors.

How to Decorate With Patriotic Bows

The best thing about our patriotic bows is that you can display them practically anywhere. Each bow comes with extra long ties. You can attach them to fence posts, mailboxes and parade floats with ease. Some of our favorite places to decorate with these bows include:


  • Sporting events: Rising for the national anthem shouldn't be the only time you see red, white and blue. Tie these onto fences or bleachers.
  • Political rallies: If you're hosting a political event, these patriotic bows make great decorative elements on seating, podiums and walls. If you're attending rather than hosting, attach the bow to your rally signs, clothing or even your car to show your pride.
  • Wreaths and arrangements: Add a beautiful statement piece to your floral arrangement or door wreath that will tie the whole thing together.
  • Businesses: Use these bows to add a patriotic flair to your commercial space. You can display them year-round or for special occasions. Around Labor Day, for example, a patriotic display will catch customers' eyes and alert them to your end-of-summer sales. 
    They're more than just July 4th decorations!


Choose Independence Bunting for Your Decorating Needs

Independence Bunting is here to help with all your festive decorating needs. Featuring a ribbon with stars, stripes, or stars and stripes together, these bows are perfect for showing your patriotism year-round. When other holidays come up, consider adding to your decorations with any of our Halloween, Christmas or special event bunting flags and pleated fans. We can also make custom designs for birthday parties, sporting events and any other occasion that calls for some extra flair. 

Shop our selection today and contact us if you have any questions!