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Outdoor Halloween Bows

Outdoor Halloween Bows

Are you looking for weather-resistant outdoor Halloween bows? Voluptuous orange and black bows add a boo-tiful touch to virtually anything — from doors and windows to lampposts and mailboxes.

We'll help you make your space an inviting place for guests to park their brooms for your autumnal or Halloween-themed party or celebration. Our durable bows are perfect for indoor and outdoor decorative displays!

About Our Halloween Outdoor Bows 

Bows add the perfect final flourish to any Halloween or fall-inspired decorations. Our autumnal bows are 9 inches tall with 14-inch tails and come in five combinations of solids and stripes. Each has 2 ½-inch ribbons. They can stand alone to make spooky statement pieces or make a space cohesive when spaced out strategically.

Plus, you can place your Independence Bunting Halloween bows inside or out. We handcraft our bows with weather-resistant and UV-protected materials that perform flawlessly indoors or outdoors. They feature long, easy-fasten pull ties, making them convenient to mold to anything imaginable. 

How to Decorate With Outdoor Halloween Bows

Decorating with our Halloween bows is simple! But, you might need the inspiration to get your creative cauldron brewing. Learn our favorite ways to use outdoor Halloween bows below.

Bows are the stunning component that ties together your whimsical decorations, like columns or banisters woven with garland, tinsel or fairy lights. Attach a bow to the center of your decorative columns or banisters to add the final flourish.

The possibilities for your Halloween bows are endless. Add an effortless, inviting flair to delight guests by fastening your bows to:

  • - Lampposts.
  • - Mailboxes.
  • - Wreathes.
  • - Handrails.
  • - Balcony railings.
  • - Fence posts.
  • - Gift baskets.
  • - Floral arrangements.
  • - Bouquets.

Once you're done with your bows, storing them for next year's festivities is easy. Lay them flat to allow for plenty of room to maintain their lovely shape. 

Why Purchase Halloween Bows From Independence Bunting?

Our vibrant products, competitive prices and outstanding service set us apart as our customers' preferred provider for decorative supplies. Learn more:

  • - Weather-resistant materials: Thanks to these Halloween bows' fade- and UV-resistant materials and craftsmanship, exposure to the elements won't affect their brilliant look.
  • - Made in the USA: Our Halloween bows are manufactured here in the USA by our skilled, dedicated team! 
  • - Competitive prices: We're proud to offer the most competitive prices on the best quality bows and decorative products on the market.
  • - Excellent customer service: We go above and beyond to exceed our customer's expectations — if you have a special request for your Halloween bows, we're happy to customize them!

Order Your Halloween Bows Today!

When you need high-quality, competitively priced Halloween bows and decorations to decorate your celebratory event, home or business, rely on Independence Bunting to deliver. Browse our vast selection of Halloween bows today to order yours before Halloween. We offer free shipping on orders over $95.

If you don't see what you're looking for, call us at 1-800-995-9129. We'll be delighted to customize your Halloween bows to include the colors, materials or patterns that will make your old haunt a little more ghoulish!