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American Patriotic Bunting

On American holidays like Memorial Day or the Fourth of July, you can often find decorative patriotic bunting displayed on homes and businesses all throughout the country. With vibrant colors and durable materials such as poly-cotton and 200 Denier Solar-Max Nylon, our bunting fabric is perfect for creating patriotic displays.  


What Is Bunting?

Bunting is a type of decoration. Originally, the Royal Navy used worsted wool fabric to create their bunting. Now, patriotic bunting decor can be made out of anything, such as lightweight cotton, paper and plastic, and is often used to create a pleated fan flag. The swags, fans and banners made from bunting add a festive touch to neighborhoods and communities around the holidays. 


How to Decorate With Our Patriotic Bunting

Here at Independence Bunting, we make it easy for you to add an old-fashioned Americana look both indoors and outdoors. We use the highest quality materials with vibrant red, white and blue colors that are resistant to UV fading. The color is what makes this bunting pop, which is why we can’t compromise on our bunting quality. Our patriotic bunting is made in the USA, and it has colors that will stand the test of time so that your decorations will always look good!  

This durability means that our fabric bunting products are perfect for outdoor displays. You can confidently display all our patriotic and decorative bunting on fences, porches and even parade floats - wherever you need festive decorations. Need to decorate a large space? Having rows of American flag bunting will create a "wow" factor that guests won't soon forget. 

With other patriotic decorations like flags, banners and streamers, you can easily create a festive setting to celebrate and honor the United States of America. Take your event to the next level with Independence Bunting’s extensive selection of patriotic bunting and decorations. 


Why Choose Independence Bunting?

When you order from our site, you are receiving American flag buntings made right here in the U.S. Because we independently manufacture our own decorative products, we can ensure each one is of the highest quality, serving you and your events well. 

Along with only using the best, most durable materials, we also pay close attention to the details of each bunting. No matter which design you choose, you get bunting fabric that's stitched together and then hemmed with two rows of stitching. The field of stars on our American flag bunting nylon fabric is carefully embroidered onto the fabric instead of printed on. The result is a patriotic decoration that will make a statement and stay looking vibrant for years to come.


Ready to Start Decorating for Your Next Patriotic Celebration? 

Whether you are getting ready to throw a Fourth of July celebration or decorate for Veterans Day, we have the American patriotic bunting you need. With a wide range of materials and sizes to choose from, our team will help you find the perfect bunting based on your needs and style. 

If you have any questions, give our team a call at 800-995-9129 or fill out our online contact form and we'll be in touch with you.  Get into the patriotic spirit with Independence Bunting and order your flag decor today!