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Easter/Spring Pleated Fan

Easter/Spring Pleated Fan

As winter ends and new life begins emerging, you can celebrate the occasion with spring decor. Bright spring colors around your house can add joy to the landscape, and your guests and neighbors will appreciate the reminder that warmer weather is coming. 

If you need quality decor, turn to Independence Bunting for nylon fans to usher in spring's arrival.

Uses of Spring Pleated Fans

You will find endless uses for your spring pleated fans. The bright colors jazz up any space, and the fans come with three metal grommets, making them easy to hang anywhere you need a touch of color. 

Use your pleated fans indoors to brighten your daily routine. Hang them on stair railings or your mantel. If you host a large Easter gathering each year, you might use bunting to decorate the dining room where your friends and family relax and enjoy their holiday meals. 

Affix your fans to a porch railing or your entry door. If your home has many windows facing the road, consider hanging bunting under each one. For an Easter egg hunt, you can hang the bunting in your backyard along deck railings or your fence to decorate your egg hunting area.

Easter Flag Buntings From Independence Bunting

Decorations play an essential role in Easter and spring celebrations. They add life and joy to any space and attract compliments from your guests. Find decorations that delight at Independence Bunting, and you'll enjoy:

  • Quality material: Our Easter bunting uses a nylon Dupont SolarMax 200 fabric resistant to UV fading and color bleeding. This feature grants long-term use. 
  • Storable design: You can fold fans using the original pleats to store them after spring is over. Folded storage allows you to use less space and keep fans from wrinkling.
  • Attention to detail: We consider every feature when designing and producing fans. We even use extra fabric so flags won't curl and double-stitch the stripes together for added durability.

Why Buy From Independence Bunting?

When you buy from Independence Bunting, you get an American-made product from our factories. By keeping manufacturing close, we can monitor each product for quality, so you get a decor piece you love. 

We also provide custom orders — if you need a flag to fit a particular area of your home, we can make the size you need. You can also contact us about custom colors if you want a different Easter pattern than those we sell.

All of our customers get a simplified buying and shipping process with us. You can order the products you need online, and we'll send them to your door. You'll even get free shipping on orders over $95. 

Greet Spring With Pleated Fans

As flowers bloom and trees gain new leaves after a long winter, deck your house in spring colors with spring flag buntings. From your front porch to your dining room, these decor pieces add bright pops of color all over your home. 

We're here to promptly deliver your pieces. Prepare your house for spring by ordering bunting today!