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Cotton American Flags

Cotton American Flags

  • 3' x 5' Cotton American Flag

    3' x 5' Cotton American Flag


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  • 5' x 9 1/2' Cotton American Flag

    5' x 9 1/2' Cotton American Flag


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The American flag has 50 stars on blue fabric with 13 red and white stripes, representing the U.S. states and the thirteen colonies, respectively. The colors on the American flag are symbolic. Blue represents perseverance and justice, while red symbolizes resilience and bravery. The white signifies purity and innocence.


Other names for the American flag include “Old Glory” and the “Star-Spangled Banner.” The first flags were made from several types of material, such as wool, linen, silk or cotton. 


If you're looking for a flag that resembles the ones we've had throughout the history of this country, try cotton flags from Independence Bunting. Cotton American flags exhibit patriotism and are useful for decor at numerous events. 


For a more authentic, classic look, embroidered cotton American flags are the way to go. Whether you want them for residential, commercial or public use, they offer many benefits. These durable cotton flags are perfect for your applications.

How to Use Cotton American Flags

Cotton American flags boast many uses, including:

  • - 3'x5' American flags: These options are ideal for indoor display and usable on a flagpole. You can use them inside any building or for a public event.
  • - 5'x9.5' American flags: These large cotton American flags are often used for casket drapes. However, you can use them for any indoor use necessary, including on a flagpole.

In general, cotton American flags are best suited for indoor applications, including:

  • - Displays.
  • - Ceremonial events.
  • - Holiday decor.
  • - Tapestries.
  • - Framed.
  • - Casket drapes.

You can also use them outside in brief intervals, specifically on days with nice weather. Some outdoor applications for cotton American flags are:

  • - Flying from a flagpole.
  • - Reenacting historical events.
  • - Decorating a porch for Independence Day.

Both flag sizes also have rust-proof brass grommets. If you need outdoor flags for extended use or in areas more prone to extreme weather, please check out our nylon or 2-ply poly max flags.

Why Purchase Flags From Independence Bunting

Purchasing U.S. flags from Independence Bunting has numerous benefits, including:

  • - Made in the USA: All of our flags are manufactured in the United States.
  • - High-quality: Each cotton flag has embroidered stars and sewn stripes. Also, the rugged weave of our cotton American flags exceeds specifications set by the U.S. government.
  • - Fade-resistant: The dyeing standards we use ensure the colors on our cotton flags are resistant to sun fading.
  • - Customizable: If you don't see the exact size or specifications you're looking for, contact Independence Bunting. Our team accepts custom orders for the flags you need.

Choose Independence Bunting for Cotton American Flags Today

At Independence Bunting, our cotton American flags help you create an aptly decorated and welcoming environment for any indoor event or service. We provide competitive pricing for all flags, ensuring you have access to whatever you need all year round at a fair price. Any order over $95 will receive free shipping. 

You'll always have access to a sales representative for assistance at Independence Bunting. If you have questions or would like more information, call 800-995-9129 or contact us online today.