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5 Stripe Black & Purple Flag Bunting

5 Stripe Black & Purple Flag Bunting

Black/Purple Mourning Flag Bunting

Available Pleated Fan Flags

All our fan flags come with real pleating, which never needs ironing, so they can be used again and again. They feature double-stitched and hemmed stripes in a poly-cotton blend or Solar Max nylon fabric. When in use, they open quickly with crisp and defined pleating, which folds back into itself for easy storage.

Our poly cotton memorial flags are available in 4 sizes: 12" x 24", 18" x 36", 24" x 48", and 36" x 72". The Solar Max nylon adds a 48" x 96" size to the previous four. When determining the size you need, the first number is what's known as the "drop" and means the height of the flag when displayed, starting from where it's attached and hanging down. The second number is the width from one end to the other along the grommets.

Using Mourning Flags to Memorialize Your Lost Loved Ones

Mourning flags can be a powerful and meaningful way to honor the loved ones you've lost. They can be displayed at the funeral or memorial service, draped over the casket, or displayed on a flagpole as a symbol of respect.

After the service, take the flag home and display it in a prominent location as a reminder. Others have also hung them on a wall, placed them on a mantel, or had them framed. You can even create a special spot in your garden and incorporate the flag, then plant your favorite flowers around it, add some special mementos or keepsakes, and use that spot as a peaceful and reflective space of remembrance.

This memorial flag can also be used during a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary, and displayed as a way to honor your loved one's memory. If you'd like to continue their legacy, you might consider donating the flag to a charity or organization your loved one supported. However, if you decide to use it, know it will always serve as a treasured visual reminder of the amazing life your loved one lived.

Choosing a Pleated Fan Flag

When choosing the ideal pleated fan flag for your needs, consider things such as the location, size, and material preferences. Our mourning bunting flags already come in the black and purple color scheme designed to honor a fallen service member. However, the other factors will help you select the appropriate flag for funeral decorations or memorial displays.