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4th of July Pleated Fans

Why Purchase From Independence Bunting?

What better time to support an American-run business than during the 4th of July holiday? We make all our products right here in the United States.

We design all our pleated fans and bunting to last. Choose cotton or high-quality nylon for decor that will withstand UV rays and weather. Our bunting features fully sewn stripes rather than printed designs for quality you can count on.

How to Decorate for the 4th of July With Pleated Fans

The possibilities for decorating this 4th of July are endless. Many people hang pleated fans on their porch for a classic touch of patriotism. You might also consider using some of your pleated fans indoors. You could put them up in your windows as holiday valences or use them to add some flair to practically any bookcase, table or stairwell. These fans make stunning displays for homes and businesses alike.

If you're hosting a 4th of July cookout, these pleated fans are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Hang them along your fence or below your windows and lighting fixtures for a stunning patriotic statement every guest will remember.

Celebrate Everything With Independence Bunting

At Independence Bunting, we have fans and bunting available for every major holiday as well as seasons and specialty days. We can even create custom products to meet all your needs. We offer free shipping on orders over $95, so stock up on the essentials for your next display today.