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Lawn Poles

Lawn Poles

  • Lawn Flag Pole - Rotating

    Lawn Flag Pole - Rotating


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Residential Flag Poles

If you're in search of the ideal in-ground flagpole for your lawn, porch or garden, you’ve found it with Independence Bunting’s aluminum flagpoles. They're usable year-round for American flags, seasonal and holiday flags, military service flags, decorative flags and more.

Flagpole Features

Our outdoor flagpole kits have many features that make them a great choice. They're built to withstand tough weather conditions, and rotate to ensure that your flag won't get tangled in the wind. Our flagpoles also work with both grommeted and banner flags, making them a versatile choice for whatever type of flag you wish to display.

Add Patriotic Curb Appeal

These flagpoles aren't just functional — they're also stylish. Adding a flagpole to your lawn is a great way to both show your values and also increase your home's curb appeal. Thanks to the wide variety of flags available from Independence Bunting, you'll find choices that reflect your patriotism and personality. 

Whether you want a high-quality American flag, a military flag, a police or fire department service flag or an international flag, we have many flags to choose from. Once you've picked the perfect flagpole and flag, our accessories and bunting products can help you complete your display.

Shop With Independence Bunting

At Independence Bunting, we're committed to providing high-end products at reasonable prices. Order your new aluminum flagpole today.