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Mourning Funeral Banners

 Purple represents the protection law enforcement and firefighters offer their communities. Black symbolizes the mourning of our heroes. Together, these colors indicate the mourning of a fireman or officer. Traditionally, members of these communities show they're grieving with a black strip over their fireman patch or officer shield logo. 

Police stations and firehouses put purple and black displays over walkways, signs and buildings to indicate mourning. Firetrucks often show flags at funeral processions or honor those who have passed away with a banner or fabric draped over a casket.

How to Decorate With Pull-Down Banners

There are many ways to show your appreciation for loved ones with pull-down banners. You can use them in a firehouse, police station or home in many ways:

  • - Decorating staircase railings
  • - Arranging them along columns
  • - Pinning them on walls
  • - Hanging them vertically from ceilings
  • - Adorning windows
  • - Displaying them on patios or porches

Why Choose Independence Bunting?

Our mourning banners are made in the USA using durable SolarMax nylon fabric. Due to the weather- and UV-resistant material, the black and purple stripes stay vibrant whether you display them inside or outdoors.

Each funeral banner's top and bottom includes cleanly finished hems. Banners feature two grommets on the top for easy hanging and two more on the bottom to prevent curling.

Honor Firefighters and Officers With Independence Bunting

Independence Bunting displays make it easy and affordable to acknowledge your respect for firefighters and officer heroes in your community. Symbolic black and purple stripes are key throughout the mourning process. Feel free to browse our other mourning displays to see different ways you can commemorate those lost in the line of duty.