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About Independence Bunting & Flag

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We Have Decorations for any Holiday or Special Event!

Sometimes you may wish to celebrate the life of a loved one by displaying Mourning Flag Bunting. Our Memorial Decorations are of the same high quality as our holiday decorations, but allows you an opportunity to display a visual reminder of the special life of a close family member, friend or colleague. Mourning Bunting and Pleated Fans allow Fire and Police Departments to show respect and honor our fallen heroes.

While you're planning your own festivities, take a moment to look at our great selection. We make the best quality products right here in the USA - Easter/Spring Flag Bunting, St. Patrick's Day Decorations, Patriotic Decorations, and much more - to help you decorate your home or business and add colorful touches to create a unique holiday decor.

We Offer Wide Variety of Products

Independence Bunting features Flags, Pleated Fans, Holiday Bunting, Pull Down Banners and Bows for all types of holidays. The only limitation is your imagination. With our pleated fans and decorative bunting, you are guaranteed to have a unique home.

All our bunting, flag bunting and pull downs are stitched together and hemmed with 2 rows of stitching. The Stars on the nylon items are Embroidered! They are not printed!! We use an abundant amount of material in each Fan so the bottom does not curl up. When you are ready to take the Pleated Fans down, just fold them into their original pleats. The fan will keep their shape, with no wrinkles. Our U.S. Flags are also available in a variety of materials and sizes. The best of these is the two-ply polyester - the most durable and long lasting of all United States flags. This flag takes twice as long to fade from the sun as compared to industry standards; they virtually will not bleed and will resist damage due to winds. Everything we sell is Made in America.

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