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St. Patrick's Day Decorations

 Are you decorating your home, office building or other outdoor space for St. Patrick's Day? Find everything you need at Independence Bunting. With pleated fans, bunting flags and pull-down banners, you can create a cohesive look for your front yard or a city center. 

St. Patrick's Day Pleated Fans

Our St. Patrick's day pleated fans come in various colors and patterns. You can choose designs with variations of white, orange and green, depending on your preferences and the other decor pieces you plan to incorporate. 

Our fans use three metal grommets along the top to attach the decoration to any surface. Fans also include crisp pleats to provide a professional look and aid in storage during other seasons. 

Pleated fans add festivity to many areas, including:

  • Porches
  • Benches
  • Windows
  • Seatbacks 
  • Fences

St. Patrick's Day Pull Down Banners

If you're hosting a party celebrating this Irish holiday, hang pull down banners on pillars or next to windows or entrances to welcome guests. These banners also work well to promote holidays and sales at stores. Hang them on columns or shop windows outside your building to attract guests to St. Patrick's day offerings like specialty foods or clothing.

St. Patrick's Day Bunting Fabric

With St. Patrick's Day bunting fabric, you can add a colorful accent to porch railings, parade floats and more. On a parade float, you can use large fabric pieces to complete the bottom of your float and create a streamlined look. You might wrap the fabric around porch railings or create a scalloped design to add visual appeal to your outdoor spaces. 

If you want to decorate with bunting fabric, choose a pattern and order it by the yard. Then, drape and affix the material to any surface to create a stunning holiday display. You can buy the fabric as it is or add grommets to the top or bottom.

Benefits of Choosing Independence Bunting

We are a family-owned company dedicated to providing every customer with decorations for holidays and events. As part of our commitment to quality, we only sell products we manufacture at our factories in the U.S. By keeping production close to home, we can streamline the manufacturing process. We also offer customer service to answer questions and find the best products for your needs.

We use a particular process with every flag and banner to help the products last longer. We use a special broadcloth for cotton products to inhibit running and fading. For nylon products, we use Dupont SolarMax fabric for vibrant colors, even outdoors. We also double-stitch each color to the next rather than printing colors on one piece of material.

Display Your Holiday Spirit With Bunting and Fans

Create a cohesive holiday look by purchasing your St. Patrick's Day decorations from Independence Bunting. We have fans, banners and bunting fabric in various colors and patterns to help you create a unique display, whether you need to decorate a front porch or a parade float. 

Browse our St. Patrick's day decor selection to find the perfect holiday items!