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Mourning Funeral Bunting in Purple and Black

Purple and black bunting fabric honors our fallen heroes. The black ribbon symbolizes the mourning of a firefighter or police officer who has passed away. Purple represents the protection law enforcement and firefighters offer citizens in their communities.

How to Decorate With Bunting Fabric 

Bunting fabric is one way to show your respect and appreciation for a life lost. There are many ways to honor those who have passed away with bunting fabric, including: 

  • - Displaying mourning fabric in a funeral procession on a firetruck.
  • - Hanging the black and purple cloth over doorways and signs.
  • - Arranging bunting on fences or porch railings at the family's home or church.
  • - Decorating building exteriors at a fire station, police station or town hall.
  • - Adorning a table with a mourning fabric in the foyer of a service 
  • - Draping bunting fabric over a casket.

Why Choose Independence Bunting?

Our mourning collection is made here in the United States, and every product is hand-sewn with careful stitching. We use strong, weather-resistant materials, so your bunting will maintain its great appearance whether you display it indoors or outside. We also offer competitive prices, so it's easy and affordable to create a display that honors your community's heroes.

Honor Firefighters and Officers With Independence Bunting

Honor the passing of loved ones and heroes with a symbol of your respect. A visual display such as a bunting fabric acknowledges the value and contributions of firefighters and law enforcement to your town and nation.

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