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Labor Day Bunting Decorations

Want to say goodbye to summer with a little sizzle and celebration? Decorate your home, commercial space or park with eye-catching Labor Day patriotic bunting!

You'll love the pleated fans, American flags and other indoor and outdoor décor available at Independence Bunting. Each item we sell is constructed in the USA using the highest-quality cotton or nylon fabrics. Our materials are UV-resistant, meaning they'll hold their vibrant colors after repeated exposure to sunlight and the elements.

Order Labor Day bunting decorations today — and don't forget to plan ahead for Halloween, Christmas and other holidays and celebrations by buying the best flags and bunting for all your special occasions and commemorations.

Why Choose Independence Bunting for Labor Day Patriotic Bunting?

You have options when it comes to finding Labor Day bunting and related merchandise online. Why partner with Independence Bunting? 

Our team has a passion for producing beautiful, thoughtfully made products and providing second-to-none customer service. When you reach out to us, you'll always get a response from a real person rather than a machine. Our goal is for you to love the way your bunting, fans and flags look — and the compliments you'll receive as a result. We make our bunting in-house right here in the USA, too.

This Labor Day, pick attractive bunting that's built for durability and longevity.

Ways to Decorate With Red, White and Blue Pleated Fans for Labor Day

Pleated fans have continued their rise in popularity over the generations. Today, fans often wave alongside flags to show spirit, support and patriotism.

Before and during Labor Day, you can proudly display your favorite pleated fans from Independence Bunting in a variety of ways.


  • Hang them on any structure. Your windowsills, porch railings, rooftop or other visible areas will make a great display.
  • Decorate your indoor and outdoor stair railings with Labor Day pleated fans.
  • Use pleated fans to add eye-catching appeal to your table or kiosk at a farmer's market, festival, fair, carnival or community celebration.
  • Add Labor Day bunting decorations to the interior and exterior of your business to celebrate your end-of-summer sales.
  • Transform your political events and gatherings with a range of patriotic bunting, flags and other products.


Need a pop of patriotic color somewhere? Reach for bunting! Our fans come in numerous sizes, meaning you can always find the perfect fit. Place your order for Labor Day pleated fans and other decor today.