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Christmas Bows & Wreaths

Are you looking for weather-resistant outdoor bows for Christmas? A beautiful, voluptuous bow adds a charming touch of merriment to any decor. Spread the holiday cheer by decorating your home, business front or event venue with high-quality outdoor bows from Independence Bunting!

We offer a selection of indoor and outdoor bows for Christmas to spread joy this holiday season! Need some inspiration? Learn our favorite ways to decorate with Christmas bows below. 

About Our Outdoor Christmas Bows 

Holiday bows complement any Christmas decorations and look stunning in shopping centers, business fronts or residential homes. They're perfect for standing alone as statement pieces — like in windows or doors — or spacing strategically around a building or venue. We offer stunning red holiday Christmas bows in several loop sizes and stitching types.

Plus, you can place your Independence Bunting Christmas bows anywhere. We handcraft our bows with weather-resistant materials that perform indoors and outdoors. They're convenient to add to your space and mold to any item with their long, easy-fasten ties and shaping wire. 

How to Decorate With Outdoor Christmas Bows

Bows add flair to wreaths, large trees and garlands. Hang them from doors to greet guests and loved ones, or fasten them to lampposts and mailboxes. Shape them to your heart's content by moving the shaping wire into your desired positioning.

Here are some other unique ways to decorate your home or business with our outdoor Christmas bows:

  • - Tie them to fence posts.
  • - Decorate your porch windows, railings or benches.
  • - Wrap them around flowers or attach them to bushes.
  • - Garnish gift baskets or December wedding bouquets. 
  • - Fasten them to church pews, seatbacks or pulpits.

Why Buy Holiday Bows From Independence Bunting?

When searching for the highest-quality, most competitively priced outdoor holiday bows, turn to Independence Bunting. Our products are handmade in the United States to guarantee American-made quality. Because of their durable weather- and UV-protected materials, they stay vibrant and crisp for reuse! 

To repurpose your bows, store them flat and allow ample room for them to breathe to preserve them for next year's holiday festivities. The puffier the bow, the more space you should allow for storage. 

When you order bows from Independence Bunting, you choose the style, size and material that suit your applications best! If you have questions about how to use Christmas bows for outdoor decorations, get in touch with us. We're dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience and are happy to answer your questions.

Purchase Your Premium-Quality Christmas Bows Today!

Are you ready to elevate your space with seasonal bows? Our gorgeous, premium outdoor Christmas bows and, other Christmas decorations, add the perfect finishing touch to any item, home or business. Browse our bows today to order yours before the holidays. Receive free shipping when you order over $95! 

Don't see what you're looking for? Our ready-to-hang bows come in several styles, sizes, colors and materials to fit your needs. Call 1-800-995-9129 to request your custom bows!