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Mourning and Memorial Bows

Purple and black symbolize mourning among firefighter and police officer communities. Purple represents the safety of our country with law enforcement's protection. Black portrays the mourning for a lost hero. A public display of these colors acknowledges the sacrifice and courage of these individuals who are no longer with us. 

During mourning, an officer or firefighter might cover their patch or shield logo with a black stripe. Other traditions to publicly honor a lost life include: 

  • - Hanging purple and black banners over doorways and signs.
  • - Displaying flags on firetrucks for funeral processions.
  • - Draping bunting fabric over a casket.
  • - Fastening bows on the top of a flagpole.

How to Decorate With Mourning Bows

Mourning bows show your respect for lost loved ones. The high-quality ties allow for easy fastening on indoor or outdoor displays. Here are a few ways you can decorate with mourning bows:

  • - Fastening them on lampposts 
  • - Attaching them to your mailbox
  • - Tying them on fences 
  • - Decorating your porch
  • - Adorning graves 
  • - Lining funeral or church pews
  • - Wrapping them around flowers 
  • - Garnishing gift baskets 
  • - Displaying them on wreaths

Why Choose Independence Bunting?

Independence Bunting products are handmade in the United States. We design our memorial funeral bows using high-quality, weather-resistant materials that will hold up indoors or outside. You can choose all-black mourning bows or opt for the black and purple striped design.

Select your preferred color, quantities and sizes for your mourning bows. Please browse our other mourning displays to see different ways you can commemorate loved ones, including those lost in the line of duty. 

Honor Your Loved Ones With Independence Bunting

Mourning bows offer an impactful way to honor lost heroes. They acknowledge your respect for firefighters and officers in your community. Browse our collection and place your order today.