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Gay Pride Pleated Fan

Gay Pride Pleated Fan

  • LGBTQ Nylon Flag Bunting - Rainbow -24" x 48"

    LGBTQ Nylon Flag Bunting - Rainbow -24" x 48"


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  • Gay Pride Flag Bunting

    LGBTQ Nylon Flag Bunting - Rainbow -36" x 72"


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Rainbow Bunting Flag

The rainbow has become synonymous with the LGBTQ community. Fly a rainbow bunting flag during Pride Month or year-round to show your support.

At Independence Bunting, we offer tons of pleated fans and flags featuring rainbow designs. They're well-suited for indoor and outdoor display at home, in a commercial space or anywhere else that deserves a decorative upgrade.

When quality matters, choose rainbow bunting flags made America and designed to resist fading — even with regular exposure to sunlight and changing weather conditions. Order an affordable gay pride pleated fan today.

How the Rainbow Became the LGBTQ Community's Symbol

Rainbow patterns reflecting LGBTQ pride and support seem to be everywhere today. However, the rainbow wasn't always associated with the LGBTQ community.

The connection between the rainbow and gay pride began in the late 1970s when Gilbert Baker, an openly gay advocate for LGBTQ awareness and support, designed a rainbow-themed flag. An iteration of his flag was flown not long after its creation during the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day.

The rainbow, showcasing many colors coming together in harmony and beauty, quickly became a visual symbol for LGBTQ beliefs and pride. 

Today, June is recognized as Pride Month — but you can show your support anytime with a rainbow bunting flag.

What Are Some Ways to Decorate With Gay Pride Pleated Fans?

Rainbow bunting flags offer tons of decorating choices. Not sure how to best display your LGBTQ pride rainbow pleated fan? Below are some ideas to help you get started:


  • Residences and businesses: Many homeowners and apartment dwellers like to decorate their interior and exterior spaces with rainbow bunting and pleated fans. You can hang them from window sills, roofs and staircase banisters.
  • Commercial spaces: Show your business's support for the LGBT community with a rainbow bunting flag indoors or outside. Gay pride pleated fans make an eye-catching window display.
  • Parties and festivals: An outdoor festival, carnival or parade is the ideal spot to display gay pride pleated fans. The fans can be attached to any structure, like a kiosk roof or booth. They can also easily be hooked up to vehicles during parades.
  • Political events: Want to show your political support for the LGBTQ community at your next rally or event? Make sure you have rainbow bunting flags dotting the area.


Ready to show your pirde? Buy your favorite high-quality bunting flags for less right here at Independence Bunting.