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Mourning Pleated Fans

Mourning full fans are traditionally used to acknowledge a death and honor the deceased. You can display these pleated fans on buildings or during the memorial service as a symbol of your loss.

No matter where they are displayed, these bunting fans pay homage to the individual's contributions to your organization and their community.

Here at Independence Bunting, we carry all black and black and purple striped pleated fans to help you and your organization conduct a meaningful memorial.


Show Respect to Fallen Firefighters and Police Officers

Mourning pleated fans are most often used to show respect and honor fallen heroes. During a firefighter's or police officer's funeral, these bunting fans can be displayed over any signs or doorways in the building.

While different departments can vary in how they choose to honor their heroes, black and dark purple colors are frequently used as part of the mourning traditions. Many times, the fire or police department will also display their logo in the center of the flag for a personal touch.


Why Purchase Mourning Fans From Independence Bunting?

At Independence Bunting, we manufacture all of our purple and black bunting fans to ensure the finished result is durable and top-quality. Each one is made using an abundance of material to guarantee the bottom of the fan stays in place and doesn't curl up. Our bunting fans are also stitched together and then hemmed with two rows of stitching rather than printed.

Because our products are UV-protected and weather-resistant, you can trust that your bunting will look its best no matter where you display it. Then, when it's time to store the mourning fans, simply fold them into their original pleats to help maintain their shape and keep them wrinkle-free.


Honor the Deceased With Independence Bunting

Our collection of purple and black funeral bunting fans will help you honor the fallen while following traditional mourning protocol. Along with our pleated fans, you'll also find other mourning decorations at Independence Bunting, including bows and pull downs. We can also accommodate custom orders.

We keep our prices fair and competitive, and when you order from our site, you also get free shipping on all purchases over $95.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 800-995-9129 or fill out our online form, and we'll be in touch with you soon.