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Four Ways To Celebrate A Firework-Free 4th of July

Feb 15th 2014

Four Ways To Celebrate A Firework-Free 4th of July

As we barrel through spring towards the start of summer, that can mean only one thing: Independence Day is just around the corner. Perhaps you’ve already made your annual trip to the attic to shake the dust off your 4th of July bunting, and you’re about to evict the family of mice who took up residence in your grill. Short of sorting out something tasty to eat, all you should have left on your list is the entertainment.

Fireworks have long been a mainstay of summer celebrations, but they aren’t without their risks to your safety and your property. Fireworks lit too closely to your home could ignite your decorative bunting, and cause extensive (and expensive) damage. Even fireworks set off at a distance can be problematic. An overwhelming majority of pets find the noise distressing, and people with various panic disorders (like vets with PTSD) might find themselves being triggered by the explosions.

So why not forego Fourth of July fireworks for something a bit less hazardous? Check out these four, fun, family-friendly alternatives to see what else you spark with.

1. Backyard Bonfire

Skip the fireworks and have a cozy evening with friends and family, settled around a warm bonfire in the comfort of your backyard. You still technically get a fire show, but with the added benefit of greatly diminishing the risk to your home. You can find backyard bonfire pits in varying sizes at countless stores, and you can even order them online!

2. Have a Water Fight/Pool Party

Water balloons, water guns, lawn sprinklers… your options are endless. Summer is the season for swimwear, so why not take advantage of the warm weather and host a party filled with red, white, and blue water-based activities. Kids and adults alike are guaranteed to have a blast! (Plus, fireworks and water don’t mix anyway.)

3. Have a Patriotic Costume Contest

Who needs fireworks when you can have a toddler on a trike dressed up as Abraham Lincoln? Invite your friends and neighbors to join in on the Independence Day. While the adults get creative with their wardrobes (and drinks), your younger guests can show off their fun, all-American outfits with a patriotic parade. (Personally, we’re rooting for the kiddo dressed up as Alexander Hamilton. He’s not throwing away his shot.)

4. Whip Up a Batch of All-American Treats

Try this patriotic milkshake recipe—a fun and delicious way to match your decorations from Independence Bunting! You will need vanilla ice cream, milk, red and blue food coloring, whipped cream, and red, white, and blue sprinkles.

First, add two to three large scoops of ice cream, a ½ cup of milk, and blue food coloring to your blender. Once you blend your blue-colored vanilla milkshake, pour the mixture into cold glasses and place in the freezer while you repeat the process with regular vanilla and red-colored vanilla shakes. Layer on top of each other, top with whipped cream and sprinkles, and enjoy!

Whether you're planning for one or all of these fine 4th of July suggestions, make sure you have the decorations to match! Independence Bunting carries only the highest quality of materials for July 4th pleated fans and bunting products. Order yours today to make sure you don't miss out this 4th of July season!