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American Patriotic Pleated Fans

Pleated American Flags 


Patriotic pleated fans, or USA flag bunting, make it easy to display your patriotic spirit. With their vibrant red, white and blue colors, these pleated American flags and fans will turn heads no matter where you hang them. 


Here at Independence Bunting, we construct all our pleated fan American flags out of either an industry-leading cotton blend fabric or a high-quality nylon. Instead of printed stripes, each fan has fully sewn stripes, and our Stars & Stripes Nylon Pleated Fan Flags feature embroidered stars. 


With three styles and five sizes to choose from, you can easily show your patriotic spirit and celebrate American holidays in style with our American fan flags. We also offer our economy Printed Cotton Stars & Stripes Bunting Fans, which are made to the same high standards as our other USA flag bunting. 


Why Purchase Patriotic Bunting Fans at Independence Bunting?

Our entire collection of US pleated fan flags is manufactured right here in the United States. We are dedicated to using the highest quality materials and methods to create pleated American flags and bunting fans you'll be proud to display on holidays — or even year-round. Whether it’s going to fly for a day or the entire year, you need something that’s high-quality and will stand the test of time without having the colors fade, and that’s why you need Independence Bunting. 


To achieve this, we use a much heavier and sturdier material than our competitors. Our durable cotton fabric fans are best for indoor use, while our SolarMax nylon fabric is better for regular outdoor use. Because the material is resistant to UV fading and color bleeding, you can trust that this material will last and stay vibrant. Even when you display your bunting fan outside where the elements and sun would typically wear on it and degrade it over time, our materials will last. 


While your American flag bunting is on display, the abundance of material will keep the fan in place and prevent it from curling. We also pay special attention to the small details, double-stitching the colors together to create an attractive, long-lasting patriotic pleated fan.


How to Decorate With Pleated Fans

Patriotic pleated fans work well both indoors and outdoors, allowing endless possibilities for decorating your home, business or even parade float. Whether you are celebrating a holiday like Memorial Day or the Fourth of July or you just want to show your patriotic pride, you can easily mount these fans onto your porch, fence or wall, adding a festive touch.


Make a Patriotic Statement With American Flag Bunting

At Independence Bunting, we can help you make a lasting patriotic statement with our pleated fans. Our entire collection is competitively priced, making it easy to celebrate and decorate for the holidays.


Our team is here to make sure you are completely satisfied. If you have any questions, reach out by calling 800-995-9129 or filling out our online contact form, and we'll be in touch with you shortly.