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Red Christmas Bow - Smocking w/Purl Stitch Edge - 10 Loop

Product Code: Bow-Red-Smocking-10

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Weather resistant Red Velvet Christmas Bows - Perfect for Outdoors as well as inside
10 Loop Bow with Fancy Gold Smocking Design & Purl Stitch with wired Edge
Extra Long Gold Braid for tying
12" Diameter of Bow; 20" Tail - use with 24" wreath
Ribbon Width - 2 1/2"
Perfect for Wreaths, Mailboxes, Fences, Trees, Porches, Doors or anywhere else
Gold Smocking Outdoor Christmas Bows

Independence Bunting & Flag will help you create and enhance your Holiday decorations. Our red Christmas Bow is weather-resistant so they are perfect for use either indoors or outside. They are perfect as a Wreath Bow and look great on lampposts, mailboxes, Christmas trees, presents and anywhere else a touch of the Holiday is needed.

These are our very fancy hand-tied Holiday ribbon bow with gold smocking and wired gold metallic purl edge. The wired edges help the bows keep their shape and our pearl stitching is extra heavy for a very rich look.

We can make Custom Bows if you need wider ribbon or larger bows and tails. Please call us. We will be happy to make what you need.

  • Ribbon width: 2 1/2"
Bow Size:
  • 4 Loop - 7" Diameter of Bow; 11" Tail - use with 10" wreath
  • 6 Loop - 9" Diameter of Bow; 12" Tail - use with 12" wreath
  • 8 Loop - 10" Diameter of Bow; 16" Tail - use with 16" wreath
  • 10 Loop - 12" Diameter of Bow; 20" Tail - use with 24" wreath
  • 12 Loop - 13" Diameter of Bow; 24" Tail - use with 30" wreath