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Mourning Funeral Bow - Black Bow & Tail - 6 Loop - Regular Size

Product Code: Bow-Black-6-R

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0.15 LBS
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Weather Resistant
Extra long ties
8 1/2" Bow & 14" Tail
Ribbon Width: 2 1/2"

Memorial Bows

Allow Independence Bunting& Flag an opportunity to help you display a visual reminder of the special life of a close family member or friend, Police Officer, Fireman or a member of the Military. can help decorate your Police or Fire Department, Home or anywhere else in a cohesive and gracious manner with our Black & Purple Funeral Bows.

Our Memorial Funeral Bows are stitched for a more authentic feel and are available in either 4 or 6 loops. They are made with a weather resistant, velvet-like, 2 1/2" wide ribbon.

The ties are overlong to allow you to hang them from your porch, lamppost, mailbox, fences or anywhere you think they would show your respect for the life of someone special. The weather resistant material allows you to hang them outside or indoors knowing they will last.

These bows work perfectly with our other Memorial decorations, such as our Mourning Pleated FanMourning Funeral Bunting, & Mourning Funeral Pull Down Banners.

Other size bows available:

Regular Size:
4 Loop                                                6 Loop

Diameter of Bow - 7"                         Diameter of Bow - 8 1/2"
Length of Tail - 12"                             Length of Tail - 14"

Large Size:
4 Loop                                                6 Loop

Diameter of Bow - 11"                       Diameter of Bow - 12 1/2"
Length of Tail - 18"                           Length of Tail - 20"