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6' Regal Mounting Set - 1" Black Pole

Product Code: FP-Regal-1.0-B

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5.00 LBS
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For those who already have a 3' x 5' flag and just need the flag pole and mounting hardware.
These are the same mounting sets as you would get when you purchase the Regal Flag sets, except you do not get the U.S. Flag.
Flag Poles are not eligible for Free Shipping.

  • Included is flag, flag pole, pole ornament, bracket and screws, flag mountings
  • Choice of either 3/4" or 1" diameter pole
  • Poles available in either white or black
  • Each mounting set is individually packaged

  • 6 ft - 1 piece fiberglass pole
  • Flag pole diameter: 3/4" or 1"
  • Colors of pole: white or black
  • Solid brass acorn ornament
  • Solid brass mounting bracket with screws
  • Neverfurl flag unfurlers