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Feather Flagpole

Product Code: Flagpole-Feather

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Feather Banner Flagpoles
Feather Flagpoles are available in two sizes, depending on the size of the Banner Flag.

Pole for the 7' x 17' Banner Flag
The 7' x 17" Feather Banner Flag uses a silver mill finished aluminum flag pole. It is a 9' tall 2 piece pole with a 1" diameter. The bottom section is 4' & the top section is 5'. A galvanized steel fabricated lawn socket is included. The top of the pole is capped with a plastic plug to protect the top of the Flag.

Pole for the 12' x 26" Banner Flag
For the 12' x 26" Feather Banner Flag we offer the telescoping Superflex Pole, in either black or white. The fiberglass flagpole allows the banner Flag to sway in the breeze, creating an attention grabbing effect.
These are available in either 15' or 21' exposed height. The 15' pole is adjustable to between 6' and 15', while the 21' pole is adjustable to between 8' and 21'.
Both poles come complete with a 21" PVC ground sleeve and easy to follow instructions.

Tear Drop Banner Flagpoles

The 10' x 30" Tear Drop Banner Flag uses our 3-piece tapered, flexible black fiberglass Tear Drop Flagpole measure 14' when fully assembled. It is 1" on the bottom and tapers to 1/4" on top with a rubber tip on the top to prevent flag damage. The 3-piece pole fits together perfectly and all pole joints are reinforced with stainless steel fittings.
Each flagpole comes with a heavy-duty, black canvas carrying bag.

You will need a mount for the Tear Drop Flagpole. The 2 choices are the in-ground mount or the surface mount.

Flagpoles are not eligible for free shipping.