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Family Friendly Activities For Fall

Sep 16th 2021

Family Friendly Activities For Fall

Fall has been associated with harvest time for thousands of years, from the days of ancient Egypt until the present. It’s a time of great abundance and is often marked by celebration and song. So, if you’re planning to hold a harvest festival or autumn carnival this year, we encourage you to consider having Independence Bunting help you with your decorations. We can create custom bunting and pleated fans for you in a huge variety of colors, designs, and sizes. Our prices are highly competitive, and our products are made right here in the USA by expert craftspeople. We encourage you to get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

We love to help our customers in any way we can, so we’d like to present some ideas to make your autumn or harvest event one that you and guests will always remember fondly. Here are some tips for fun activities the whole family can enjoy:

Potato Sack Races

Potato sack races provide both good times and healthy exercise. However, actual potato sacks may be hard to come by these days, so consider using pillow cases or unused, heavy-duty trash bags instead.

Arts & Crafts Booth

An arts and crafts booth is a great way for young artists to display their projects. Awarding ribbons can add a friendly yet competitive edge to the activity.

Pie or Water Balloon Toss

A pie or water balloon toss is an excellent way to develop throwing skills while having fun. A teacher or other adult authority figure is always a favorite target with the kids.

Pie Eating Contest

Pie eating contests can be done using apple, pumpkin, or sweet potato-based desserts. If your group is wanting in baking skills, then filling empty pie tins with whipped topping and small bits of fruit works just as well.

Petting Zoos and Pony Rides

Petting zoos and pony rides are always huge favorites. However, an adult should be on hand to ensure that the animals aren’t teased or abused. Goats, sheep, and donkeys are good choices for any zoo.


Games like bean bag or ring tosses, squirting out lit candles with water guns, tossing balls through hoops, or throwing darts at balloons are time-honored classics that are sure to please. Keep the atmosphere light-hearted by encouraging all participants, and by not letting anyone become negative or overly competitive.

Make Your Own Caramel Apple

Caramel apples are loved by virtually everybody. You can make them even more enjoyable by having attendees make their own. They can insert the sticks into the fruit, dunk it in the caramel, and set it aside on wax paper to cool for a while. Just be sure to have adult supervisors always present.

Autumn Easter Egg Hunt

An autumn version of an Easter egg hunt can be held with wrapped treats like chocolate bars and packages of gum. Provide bags for the participants and be sure to use plenty of candy!

Bonfires With S'mores

As evening comes on, there’s no reason why the fun can’t continue. After the adults build a bonfire, everyone can gather around the crackling flames for story time. The tales that are told need not be scary. Groups that don’t celebrate Halloween often substitute stories from American history or use other tales that build character and illustrate important moral lessons.

The bonfire can also be used for roasting s’mores. Group sing-a-longs help participants bond with each other and practice their vocal skills. Pointing out the moon, constellations, and other visible features of the night sky offers opportunities for education and increased appreciation for the beauty of creation. Making smores with graham crackers, marshmallows, and pieces of chocolate will fill everyone’s belly and add a sweet finish to the days’ activities.

Contact Independence Bunting Today

We hope that these suggestions have sparked some ideas in your mind that will make your autumn event fun and exciting. No matter what you’re celebrating, Independence Bunting can create custom bunting and pleated fans to fit the festivities. We wish you the best, both this time of year and for all the years to come.