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3 Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July on a Budget

Feb 15th 2021

3 Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July on a Budget

With Independence Day falling in the middle of the week, some people are not traveling or having a big celebration this year. If you are unable to incorporate your July 4th festivities into a vacation, you may be interested in ways to honor the occasion without breaking the bank. From decorations such as 4th of July bunting and banners to outdoor parties with friends and family, you can create inexpensive memories to honor the birth of this nation. Here are three affordable ideas for you to make a big deal over the 4th of July.

1. Around the Block

A block party is always a fun and low-cost way to bring neighbors and friends together. You can organize a potluck, assigning categories of dishes from appetizers to desserts by last name or house number. Set up tables in driveways so that people can go door to door to fill up on food and drink. You can also organize other creative activities, including:

  • red, white, and blue water balloon fight
  • neighborhood 5K fun run
  • an apple pie cook-off
  • sparkler parade at sundown
  • contest for best home decorations or most patriotic outfit

2. Get It Done

Why not declare independence from your to-do list? Take the day to tackle a project around the house that you have put off and recruit your family to help. Paint a room, clean out a closet, or prune your garden or flower beds for a little home improvement that makes a big difference. Better yet, find a community project you can do to help other people in need. Volunteering can be an inspirational way to show your love of country and fellow citizens.

3. Go Fly a Kite

The natural beauty of this country is just one thing that makes it great. This Independence Day, you should pack a picnic and visit one of the state or national parks in your area for a simple hike, a bit of fishing, a game of Frisbee, some kite flying, or a cookout. If the parks charge an admission fee, you may opt to picnic at a local park that is free to the public. Be sure to bring some watermelon to cool off.

Don’t let the sun set without finding a free firework display so you can “ooh” and “ahh” while saving a few cents. Speaking of savings, Independence Bunting offers 4th of July buntings, bows, pleated fans, banners, and flags to get your home or office feeling patriotic without blowing your budget. Visit our website and purchase your 4th of July decorations for the big day!