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Not All Halloween Decorations Have To Be Scary!

Feb 15th 2021

Not All Halloween Decorations Have To Be Scary!

Gone is the time when Halloween decorations consisted of a single carved pumpkin set alight with a small candle. These days, it may seem as if your neighbors are engaged in a competition to create the scariest display. If you like the holiday but don’t embrace the gore factor, you are not alone.

It is still possible to get into the spooky spirit of the season without terrifying the trick-or-treaters. Peruse the large selection of traditional Halloween bowsbuntingbanners and pleated fans available at Independence Bunting while you consider these great ideas to achieve the perfectly creepy (but not over-the-top) decorating scheme.

Celebrate the Harvest

Sometimes simple is better. Decorate your table with autumnal vegetables like pumpkins, gourds, and squash to celebrate the season. Fun decorations like bows or banners in traditional Halloween colors augment a classic and festive theme. Add a few party favors featuring seasonal candies for a look that is sure to impress.

Leave a Light On

Embrace the tradition of the jack-o’-lantern. Artfully arrange a collection of artificial glitter and/or plastic pumpkins on your staircase and light up the night. Halloween-themed bows or pleated fans complement the display.

Or do it the old-fashioned way. Carve an assortment of pumpkins with the designs of your choosing and place them on your front stoop. Add a handful of antique candles for a singular look that embraces the best of Halloween tradition.

Pull Out a Paintbrush

If carving isn't your thing, pick up a few pumpkins of varying sizes, grab a paintbrush, and get creative! Channel your inner Pollock or Picasso and let your imagination run wild— paint a happy face, paint a scary face; paint a face with noses where the ears should be! Or paint all the above.

Place your plethora of painted pumpkins on a patio outside, or line them up along a rambling indoor staircase. Deck the halls with a string of blinking lights to complete the display. (They're not just for Christmas, you know.)

Decorate Your Front Door

In lieu of a scary skeleton, consider a wreath woven with autumnal colors for an elegant take on the harvest season. Or, take a step or two outside the box and repurpose that shaggy looking, artificial, Christmas wreath — you know, the one you've been been meaning to throw out — into an eerie Halloween halo. All it takes is a simple can of black spray paint (and perhaps a plastic spider or two).

Transform Your Mantel

If displaying your Halloween decor publicly is not your style, or if your HOA or landlord disallows it (those monsters!), bring your newly reimagined wreath into your living room instead. Mount it on the mantel with a collection of baby pumpkins displayed below. Frame the terrifying tableau with a bunting or bows to create a seasonal scene that is sure to impress.

Check out the full line of Halloween decorations available at Independence Bunting to embrace the spooky spirit of Halloween!