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State of Tennessee Flag

Product Code: Flag-State-Tennessee

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State of Tennessee Flag

Mounted Stick Flag

  • Brilliantly printed on silk-like material
  • Hemmed on all four sides
  • Flags mounted on 3/16" x 10" black plastic staff with gold spear
  • Highest quality mounted flag.
  • Ideal for desktop display.
Outdoor Flags


  • Made of 2-ply 100% polyester bunting.
  • Open weave construction reduces wind resistance, increasing flag life.
  • Extremely durable
  • Ideal for commercial applications and high wind areas.
  • Made of 100% heavyweight, 200-denier nylon bunting.
  • Aniline-dyed for brilliant, fast colors.
  • Treated to resist fading.
  • Fast drying.
  • Flies in the slightest breeze
All flags are finished with white header and brass grommets.