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The Best Outdoor Christmas Bows

Nov 11th 2021

Festive Outdoor Christmas Bows

You can surely attain a more colorful, attractive, and lively holiday with flag bunting products in the United States. We, at Independence Bunting and Flag Corp have already established a solid recognition and trust from our long-term clients all over the United States. Because of this, we have developed a top selection of flag products and decorations that we manufacture at our own factory to maintain the well-known quality.

Our products range from bows, US flags, pleated, holiday to pull down types which will surely elevate the distinct style and mood of your event.

Outdoor Bows for Decorations

We offer different styles of bow decors which can be utilized during memorials, Christmas, Halloween, or 4th of July celebrations. You can find different color variations of bows according to each event.

One of the most requested types of bows are those used during Christmas. The widely-known decorative outdoor Christmas bows include loop size options of four, six, eight, ten, and twelve. You can also choose from designs with either gold style edges or just plain types of bows. The gold edge style has two different stitching’s such metallic crochet or purl stitch. We also have red color outdoor Christmas bows which are all resistant from extreme weather conditions and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

You can choose from four available styles such as wreath bows with plain edges, Christmas-themed decorative bows with gold colored metallic wired edges, ribbon type decorative bows with gold colored metallic stitch type of edges, and Holiday hand tied ribbons with gold colored metallic purl type of edges. The bows with wired edges strengthen and maintain the bow shape added with richly attractive pearl stitching. The sizes of bows and length of tail end depends upon the number of loops provided for each bow.

For other special styles, color, length, and sizes of bows, you may take advantage of our custom bow offers to accurately meet your needed requirements for bow decors. You can specify the feature you want for your décor or choose from these features: hand-tied, wired with pearl edge, resistant to weather, or American made.

Prices for bows with plain edges range from as low as $1.95 up to $4.95 at 4 to 12 loop sizes respectively. On the other hand, crochet edge types range from $3.10 to $8.50 for the same loop size trend. Wired type with purl edges and gold wired edges range from $3.75 up to $10.95.

Bows and ribbons can be suitable for outdoor or indoor displays anywhere.