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Police & Fire Department Civil Service Flags

Police & Fire Department Civil Service Flags


We rely on civil service workers to be there when we need them the most. Our American-made flags allow you to support those who serve our community, from state law enforcement to local firemen.

Show Your Appreciation With Civil Service Flags

We offer various flags that let you honor your everyday heroes, whether they're volunteers or professionals. Our selection includes:


  • - EMS flags: We depend on EMS workers in urgent situations for their quick-thinking and extensive training. Our EMS flags feature iconic imagery to let our first responders know we're thankful for the lives they've saved.
  • - Police department flags: It's thanks to law enforcement that we're able to enjoy security and comfort every day. Our police remembrance flags are a visual reminder that we appreciate the officers who put their lives on the line.
  • - Fireman flags: With numerous styles to choose from, these versatile flags celebrate the fire departments and rescue services that keep our homes and loved ones safe. 

Nylon Civil Service Flags

We construct civil service flags using nylon because we want them to be as dependable as the everyday heroes they represent. Nylon displays colors beautifully and dries quickly, ensuring each flag has vibrant hues and a striking appearance. Lightweight and durable, nylon is suitable for most outdoor usage, including:


  • - Everyday use.
  • - Rainy areas or areas with light winds.
  • - Suburbs.
  • - Commemorative events and holidays. 

Civilian Service Flags From Independence Bunting

As a family-run and woman-owned business, Independence Bunting is your source for exceptional decor. Our goal is to give you the supplies you need while supporting the nation we love. Our products are:


  • - Reasonably priced: We believe showing your pride, dedication and respect should be an accessible activity for all citizens. Our items come at competitive, affordable prices.
  • - Made in the USA: Our civilian service workers dedicate themselves to keeping America safe. We're proud to manufacture our products in the country they work hard to protect.
  • - Diverse: Our extensive inventory and custom order options are sure to meet all your celebratory and decorative needs. 

Buy Your Civil Service Flags Today

First responders, firefighters and law enforcement officers protect us every day. Taking the time to appreciate them with a flag is a simple way to show gratitude for all they do. Buy civil service flags for your display or event from Independence Bunting.

Feel free to check our shipping times or call in your order to ensure you receive your flag on time.